Private Pilot Licence

  • Prerequisites

    • Applicants shall possess prior to solo and ideally prior to course commencement, a category 3 or 1 medical certificate.
    • All candidates must successfully complete and pass a written examination, a flight test and a Language Proficiency test.
    • Candidates shall complete a minimum of 45 hours total flight time, consisting of a minimum of 17 hours dual and a minimum of 12 hours solo.
    • Candidates must complete a minimum of 40 hours ground school instruction.
    • Candidates must have a minimum of 35 hours flight time prior to conducting the flight test.
    • Candidates must have a minimum of 10 hours flight time prior to attempting the written examination.
  • Costs and Flight Times

  • Note: Flight training times specified are based on Transport Canada minimums and more training may be required. Costs do not include medical fees, flight/written test fees, Language Proficiency test fees.
  • Ground School (includes all materials)
  • Cessna 172 M
    40 Hours Dual Flight Training @ $247
    15 Hours Solo Flight Time @ $175
  • Preparatory Ground Instruction/Flight Briefings
    15 Hours @ $72
  • English Proficiency Exam
  • Books/Written Test/Flight Test/Licence Fees
  • Total

Other Information:

  • Candidates must complete a solo cross-country of a minimum of 150 NM total distance including at least 2 full stop landings at another airport.
  • At course commencement a copy of both the Transport Canada Flight Test Guide and the Study and Reference Guide will be given to the student.

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