Tail Wheel Training

  • Prerequisites

    • Must hold a Valid Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP) or a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) - Aeroplane.
    • Must hold a valid medical.
  • Completion Requirements:

    • No Transport Canada requirements if land plane rated.
    • Tail wheel competency for take offs, three point and wheel landings.
  • Costs and Flight Times

  • Note: Air Andrew offers a Decathlon 8KCAB @213/hr to train on this platform please advise.
    Note: Flight training is based on Air Andrew minimums more training may be required.
    Note: All pricing subject to change without notice.
  • 4 Hours Dual Training – Citabria @ $291/hr
    3 Hours Solo Training – Citabria @ $212/hr
  • Total