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Air Andrew Ltd. is an owner and operator with bases in Virden and Brandon, Manitoba.

We offer a full suite of flight training services.

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Flight Training

Private Pilot Ground School

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Recreational Pilot Permit

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Private Pilot Licence

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Commercial Pilot Licence

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Instrument Rating

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Multi-Engine Rating

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Night Rating

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VFR Over-the-Top

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Seaplane Rating

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Tail Wheel Training

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Instructor Rating

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News and Updates

Private Pilot Ground School

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Flight Bookings

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New Flight Training

Seaplane Rating (or Float Rating) now available!
Instructor Rating now available!
Tail Wheel Training now available!

Why train with Air Andrew?

Everything you need—without the traffic delays

Fly efficiently in a low traffic volume airspace/airport with access to instrument landing system (ILS) approaches in Brandon.

State-of-the-art Technology

Not your average instrument flight rules (IFR) platform. Our Cessna 340 has a complete Garmin flight deck with the large G500 screens, latest navigator and digital autopilot. It’s a plane and panel that will prepare you for your future advance flight deck job.

Aviation Experience

Air Andrew Ltd. is a second generation Aviation Family operating out of Virden, Manitoba, Canada. Learn more about our fleet and company.

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